Dance Mogul Magazine is the premiere source for Inspiring self empowerment and providing our readers with content that is relevant to todays life style.  Dance Mogul Magazine promotes and engage dancers, dance institutions, creative artists, community leaders, educators, mentors and any organization that can contribute towards community esteem through artistic, healthy and safe resources. Strategically assembled by a broad range of contributors with expertise in dance, film, education, fashion, and business our multi-generational team has created a dynamic that keeps readers captivated and united. Dance Mogul Magazine is not limited to the world of performing arts, but is intended to reflect topics of interest that will positively embrace and build on communities nationwide.

Dance Mogul Magazine offers multimedia services including photography, videography, event promotion and ad space placement in a nationwide published magazine.

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Starting Prices. Pricing will vary according to location and country.

Platinum Package $5,000.00
Video interviews/ video editing extra
Photo Shoot of event
Magazine Article
Website feature
Social Network Promotion(Facebook-Twitter}
Content delivered on external hard drive
Package includes two camera men on location
Magazine Cover feature extra $1500.00 (Pending Approval)

Gold Package $3000.00
Website feature
Social Network Promotion(Facebook-Twitter}
Magazine Article

Silver Package $1500.00
Website feature
Social Network Promotion(Facebook-Twitter}

Starter Package $500.00
Social Network Promotion(Facebook-Twitter}

Positive Press to the Stars

What are people saying about Dance Mogul Magazine.

“Go out and support Dance Dance Mogul Magazine and purchase a copy. This is a dance magazine that has its pulse on the hip hop culture , always honoring hip hop’s legends and royalty, acknowleging present movers and shakers that are making a difference in the Industry as well as in the community and is trying to lead the way to a positive, lucrative future for the hip hop culture.” – Lancelot Theobald



” This is such a wonderful Publication. It is a direct line for keeping our young and old artist informed, uplifted and encouraged. Without informative knowledge through a wonderful magazine, and a wonderful source of valued info, the art becomes lost and hidden. So I believe it is highly needed.”

-Raphael Louis Jones


” I think the name is epic and forces us to see ourselves with value. To be a Mogul and to have to embrace that statement is a challenge and a good one. Such heart to hear people out and spread testimony is the heart to spread power. We are empowered when we hear the journey of another. We find strength in each others testimony and that releases the might/power for the same or greater to happen in our lives. This is what Dance Mogul does.”– Mykell Wilson


“I am so happy this publication is here because we need this. Dancers have a voice too, not just a step! Thank you Dance Mogul for providing a voice. This helps us build these legacies and not just moments.”– Jeremy Copeland



“There is definitely a need for Dance Mogul Magazine. The dance industry is so large and when voices are heard it creates a chain reaction that has the ability to make a huge impact on dance. It’s important to listen as well as be heard.” – Anthony Garza

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